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Bob Stevens was born in the Los Angeles area and came to Hollister with his parents when he was five years old. He had other relatives already living in Hollister. As an adult, Bob was employed at San Benito Foods as the Sales Manager for 48 years. Bob has three children (two boys and a daughter).

Sheila grew up in Santa Paula and later lived in Oxnard and Ventura as an adult and was married. In 1983, Sheila’s late husband accepted at job which moved them to Hollister. Early in 1986, Sheila’s husband passed away.

Bob and Sheila dated and were married on Thanksgiving 1992.

Their first business venture together was when they opened a dress shop called “She’s” in the 700 block of San Benito Street in Hollister. They soon expanded with a men’s shop next door called “He’s” where they had men’s clothing and tuxedo rentals. Sheila had her own different business in Ventura, CA.

Next, they opened “She’s Old House” across the street from Jardine’s Mexican Restaurant in San Juan Bautista. They later opened a hot dog stand in San Juan Bautista called “The Hot Dog Corner” and Bob worked there on the weekends with Sheila’s grandson who was only 12 at the time. Jay was an entrepreneur already and developed great relationships with the customers.

Sheila was busy working between the other businesses and so they decided to sell both of the San Juan Bautista businesses. The businesses were listed and sold within one day!

Bob and Sheila took over the restaurant on the 600 block of San Benito Street in Hollister and opened it as “The Knife and Fork” restaurant. They were open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They soon expanded to include the alley which they turned the courtyard into outdoor dining.

Across the street, the Elegant Touch restaurant went out of business. Sheila saw this as a prime opportunity for another business. Sheila soon opened “The Heavenly Bakery” which has been well received by the community.

Bob’s health declined and Sheila was not able to manage all of the businesses without his help so they decided to close the Knife & Fork and focus their efforts on the bakery. The Heavenly Bakery is open seven days a week and serves breakfast and lunch daily. They also do private parties, catering, and service local restaurants with their breads, cakes, and pastries.

Sheila and Bob work at the local Farmers Market every week selling their wonderful products.

Sheila could not have maintained She’s clothing store without the help of their key employee, Carol Garcia, who has worked for them since their opening!

They feel they have a wonderful crew working at the Heavenly Bakery. Carlos is their pastry chef as well as Jose. Jon is the breakfast and lunch cook. Trisha makes the beautiful cakes and desserts. There are very dedicated servers as well. Drop by for a wonderful treat!

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